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270ml allonge PPSU Wide Neck Easy Straw Cup set

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Brand: Simba

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270ml allonge PPSU Wide Neck Easy Straw Cup set

•The Platinum Silicone Teat - Specially designed for newborns with its golden 25° of softness, bringing the feel of the breast. 
•Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System - Anti-choking, anti-dripping, anti-colic and easy burping. 
•Authoritative Hospitals’Pick - Highly recommended by chief nurses, best for combination feeding. 
•Purely 100% Made in Taiwan - The entire production process is carried out in ISO 9001 certified factories in Taiwan. 
•Pioneering! 1 Transforming Itself into 8 - Simply change the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning at every stage of nursing the baby. 
•Everything You Need for the Baby - We have the most complete range of bottle capacities, teat sizes and accessories to fully support each stage of the baby's growth. 
•Exclusively Batch Tested - Every batch of bottles is strictly tested to meet the highest standards of safety and quality; SGS certified, BPA & BPS-free, phthalate-free. 
•Leakproof Screw Closure - A perfect seal even at 70℃/158°F, the temperature according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how to prepare a bottle feed. 

270ml Cross Hole - allonge PPSU Wide Neck Feeding Bottle x 1

● Product Specification: 
Teat:Come with Wide Neck Cross Hole M Teat 
Bottle Type:Wide Neck
Capacity:270ml / 9oz  

● Color: Blue / Pink / Beige / Green
● Material: 
Bottle::Polyphenylene Sulfone(-20℃~+197℃) 
Anti-Colic Teat:Silicone(-40℃~+150℃)  


allonge Easy Straw - Wide Neck x 1

● Product Specification
Wide Neck: 200ml/270ml/360ml 

● Material: 
Spout / Straw: Silicone(-20℃~+120℃)
Joint: Polypropylene  (-20℃~+100℃)
Straw Ball: Polypropylene / Stainless Steel(-20℃~+100℃)

Made in Taiwan


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